about me

Hello!  My name is Brooke Schaefer and I am the owner of ::purple lily photography::

I grew up loving photography since I was a child.  I always wanted to take all the pictures on any family trip.  Once I had my own family my desire to capture all those great moment exploded.  With the support of many great friends I started experimenting with capture moments for them, which has blossomed into ::purple lily photography::

I went to Purdue for animal science and graduated by the skin on my teeth.  After getting out of school I married my husband, bought a farm and had a baby with in the first year.  Shortly after my first daughter, Lily, was born I went back to school for nursing.  I fell in love with the NICU and have worked there since graduating.  Running ::purple lily photography:: is another fabulous adventure for me and a satisfy way to be artistic.