How do I schedule an appointment?  Call me @ 165-336-9700 or send me an email @ brookeschaefer@mac.com  

How long till I get my proofs?  When I was buying images I hated the lag time between the shooting of the pictures and the proofs.  I usually have poofs posted with in 48 hours of the shoot, but never longer than a week after the shoot

How do I see my proofs?  Once I am done editing your shoot I will send you and email with a link that will direct you to your proofs.  You can view your images at a time that suits you, and you can even email the link to friends and family that may want to order images as well.  

How long till I get my prints and products?  Once your order is placed products will be shipped directly to you.  You should receive them with in one week or your order.  It will take slightly longer for specialty products such as mugs or canvas wraps.

How long is a session?  Sessions usually take 30 minutes to an hour

Can I get digital images?  YES!!  I want you to be pleased with your pictures.  So pleased that you want it as your facebook profile or the background image on your desk top.  I do offer digital images.  See the price link for more information.

What is my child/baby/dog will not cooroporate?  Wow, have I been there!  Sometimes the kiddos just are not having it.  When you book a session you get a one time "get out of jail free" reschedule.  You don't want to force your toddler to get pictures if they are coming down with a cold.  Please give me at least a 12 hour notice.  

How do I pay for my images?  Once you get your link to your proofs you can use a credit or debit card to pay for your images directly.